– 4 – new home



… welcome!  welcome to my new home… come in, sit down, grab a drink… oh be patient too… I’m still… ‘unpacking’ so to speak and it might be a while before things start functioning as they should.

Why did I move?

After ‘living’ for ten years in Typed-ville I felt the need of a change… a change of scenery, a new challenge.  I’m still trying to ‘decorate’ this place how I like it… it turns out I’m rubbish at this sort of things.  (Things keep disappearing on me?  and what on earth is a widget? sounds like a Harry Potter creature, which might as well be as far as I understand it)


Things will settle down.  Just be patient with me.

Have another cup of tea.

– 3 – Hello Fresh

So a few days before Christmas I got talked into joining HelloFresh by two very polite (and completely frozen solid) young men canvassing the neighbourhood.

 I'd heard of the company before… but they didn't seem to have a box for 'five' people and to be honest my kids are kind of stupidly fussy when it comes to food so it never seemed the right thing for me.  This time though… I thought…why not?  I get bored of cooking the same stuff, it's a crazy busy term at school and there are so many sporting events to attend/drive people too that letting somebody taking over some of the shopping and thinking seems like a good idea.  All I need to do is select recipes on the website…

And it's January, folks, need I say more?

The first box arrived yesterday.  £40 for four meals for five people.  That works out at £2.00 per portion.  Not bad, me thinks.


The delivery dude showed up at the allotted time.  Good, I hate it when they don't.  The box had been well treated and sturdy.  Good, always worrying when the corner are squashed or something.

Inside you have a paper bag for each meal, sealed by a colour sticker matching the recipe sheet.

Easy peasy.

All the cold stuff is in this bag:


A lot of packaging yes, but it can all be re-used/recycled.  Another bugbear of mine… hate useless packaging,

For the first meal we decided to have steak tagliata.


… it was delicious.  The meat was tender and tasty, the portions size perfect, the instructions easy to follow… I was very impressed.

They boys were impressed.  (And they're fussy customers).  Mr M was impressed.

So all in all a success.

(Lilli was not impressed.  No left-overs for her)

I now look forward to try the other recipes and see how we go on, I know myself well enough that there will be weeks when I skip the delivery because I want to cook other things, and four meals a week like this might be a little much, we're all over the place half the time… but yes definitively, goos stuff.

If you leave in the UK and fancy try it out leave me a comment with your email.  I have a three promotional codes for a free box…

…first come first served…


PS this post is not sponsored.  All opinions are my own.



– 2 – seed stitch cowl

… or moss stitch cowl, which means the same thing and it would be a better name for this given it is totally the colour of moss.  (Don't show this sentence to my English teacher… clumsy or what?  Didn't sleep well last night, it is what it is.)


Knitted using two skeins of Madelinetosh 80/10/10 worsted, colorway 'rambler'.  Gorgeous yarn.

Slow knitted because let's face it… seed/moss stitch is wonderful… but very tedious to knit.


Super warm and soft.  Not itchy at all.  (Am I the only one who finds alpaca itchy?)

I have another skein… mittens or hat?

Decisions decisions.


– 1 – Happy New Year

I've just stripped the tree.  It's always sad when the house goes back to normal.  Ok it does feel good to have less clutter around… but… it seems like an awful long time to the next Christmas season…

Normally I wait till the 6th January but this year we were delivered a really crappy tree that started shelling needles so soon (and so much of it too!) that it really had started to look like a sorry specimen.  AND we're having a BIG weekend for Mr M BIG birthday so… I need the house clear.

(BIG birthday folks!)

What I didn't need was to wake up in the middle of the night having done who knows what stupid movement that left me a totally stiff neck.  I walk around straight as a broom and can't turn my head, I must look ridiculous.

AND it hurts.


AND I have so much to do!!!

This is how I left my desk yesterday… half a journal entry, thank you cards to write, magazines to read… I have however finished the 2016 phonebook (which turned out to be two books because I couldn't cut too many photos out, we had such fabulous times).  

I used to print photos and put them into albums, but it got really expensive and time consuming and the albums took up so much rooms I now print yearly books.

(If you're interested I use http://www.photobox.co.uk and am very pleased with the service and quality).  

It's always totally exciting when you receive them and we all look through them for days!


I must stop using so many 'and'.


So, what about you? busy? kids back in school?

Mine aren't, but tomorrow they're having pre-season hockey training and (sorry) pre-county cup rugby training and (sorry) I haven't been to IKEA yet so it's going to be bonkers and (sorry) I don't want it to be bonkers I want it to be holiday time again and (sorry) go for walks and (sorry) knit with my mum and (sorry) drink tea and (really sorry) chat…




I want to read too.



Another day another walk.

This time – pay attention – at dawn.  Yes DAWN.  As in virtually still night time, cold and dark.

No 2 and his GoPro (I swear he loves that thing more than his parents) had the 'need' to take sunrise photos.

And so we went.  Because I'm nice.  Also because the sunrise is at 8.14am… so really… I don't deserves such a big medal after all.



It was actually really beautiful.


And chilly.


And spectacular.


And back home by 8.30am.

Good start.


Contrary to what I said yesterday… I didn't go to`IKEA today.

Just couldn't face it.

It was sunny and crisp, a perfect winter's day.

So we went for a walk…

…. with:

– a winging teenager.

 - a cold pre-teen that didn't listen to his mother and didn't wear enough clothes

– cold hands, mine, because had to lend my glove to aforementioned cold pre-teen

– an excitable dog






(my parents)


(woolly cow)



We then went home and had hot chocolate and biscuits.

All's well in the world.