on your marks,

Get set.



(aka what happens at a local restaurant round these parts)

Crostini freddi 

cold crostini (chicken liver pate, porcini mushrooms and spicy tomatoes)

Crostini caldi 

warm crostini (ham, sausage meat and cheese and cheese and tomato)

Tagliatelle col ragu 

homemade tagliatelle with meat sauce ('al ragu')

Ravioli con salsa di funghi 

homemade spinach ravioli with porcini sauce

Roast meat 

roast meats and roast potatoes




and homemade cakes.

Needless to say we barely made it home afterwards. 

PS.  we got told off by the cook for not eating enough; compared to the locals we're lightweights… help)


12 thoughts on “on your marks,

  1. I will never forget your wedding – 11 coursed wasn’t it? And each one as fabulous as the last! Enjoy – you can always diet later…..

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