Malvern Quilt Show 2009

 You can bet your fabric stash that the weekend of the Malvern Quilt Show the weather is miserable.

Today was no exception so please bear with me about the photo quality.  That and a crazy crowd of pointed-elbow quilters….

This quilt won the top banana prize.  Not my style/cup of tea/favourite but 'MAZINGLY' (as No 3 says) done…

Best in show 

the hand quilting… oh the hand quilting…

Best in show 2 

and the perfection of the applique (two things I'll never master… life is too short, but 'respect' to the artist)

Best in show 3 

I fell in love with hexagons

Hexagon love 

and admired some funky applique

Applique love 

oh so much fun

Applique love 3 

lots of traditional stars

Star love 

in warm tones

Star love 2 

and squares, big

Square love  

and small – don't you just love Irish Chains? – so cheerful

Irish Chain 

I saw some crazy log cabin stuff

Crazy log cabin 2 

There were also a few quilts from the book "Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts" which has just been launched.  Sorry about the poor photo quality… but this one makes me smile.  So simple and … well happy…

Old fashioned love 2

and the white stars?  they're kind of a suprise…

Old fashioned love 3 

there was this bright triangles number with the cutest quilting (can you spot the bug?)

Zinging triangles detail 

this very simple quilt was totally made by the gorgeous fabrics

Bright fave

and there is some very smartypants use of fabric here

Liberty stars  

There were many more quilts… but these just caught my eyes.  If you go let me know what you think… I'd like to get another perspective.

(oh and of course I happened to do a spot of shopping, but that's a tale for another day)


What? Oh yeah, because you never stopped the car to take a picture of an interesting building…


7 thoughts on “Malvern Quilt Show 2009

  1. My vote goes to the funky applique as well! Looks like you had a great time – make sure you share your shopping with us. You know how much we all like a bit of virtual stroking!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, the first one takes my breath away! I love that kind of hand quilting, and I wish more people would do that! Not that I don’t like machine quilting… but hand quilting like that is something most people don’t do. It’s a dying art! Thanks for posting these beautiful quilts!

  3. Did it make you want to rush home and start sewing immediately? I had forgotten how much I love quilt patterns because it is a little while since I have been to a proper Quilt Show.

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