Puglia – part three

  "this are just few of my favourite things…"


plenty of room for everything!

Ceglie Messapica 

Ceglie Messapica (my favourite town)

Ceglie Messapica 3

and again, same place. It was hot people, very hot.

L swimming

what can you say about the sea?


and those lollipop umbrellas

Ostuni windows 

ironwork and peeling shutters? does it get much better than this?

Ostuni frutta

small shops

Knitting in a bucket  

check the knitting in the plastic bucket!

Ostuni sky 

holidays are great, aren't they?


12 thoughts on “Puglia – part three

  1. I am so loving your vacation photos (they are totally beautiful) but I also adore that quilt photo you slipped in here a couple of days ago. Very pretty!

  2. I hopped over here from Domesticali. Italy. There’s nowhere better. What fabulous vibrant images. I feel a little like that snoozing lady today!

  3. oh WOW what gorgeous photos! love the buildings and the old woman and the sky – what a beautiful sky! thank you so much for sharing-
    please consider donating a piece of your artwork to an online auction in support of Autism via Art Now For Autism – there is a link on my blog and I’m doing a giveaway too!

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