Birmingham Festival of Quilts – part 1

Brilliant.  What a beautiful show.  Ok admittedly my last visit had been 4 years ago, two weeks after a c-section and my memory of that day it's clouded in paracetamol, but I heard so many people saying how good it was, so it's not just me.

Today I was fit and healthy; giddy at the sight of so many quilts and fabric.

Anyway, I've taken more than 100 photos, but before you groan in despair don't worry, I won't show them all at once…

Let's start with the show winner, shall we?  I believe it comes from Japan, but I was too tight to buy the show guide so I don't have any more details than that. (shabby, I know)

Winner 3

Ok, quite eye-catching you might say… but wait till I get closer…

Winner 4

See those lines? No, not quilting lines…. seams.  Oh yes baby this quilt is made of thousands of tiny tiny pieces.  Check this out:


Tiny. small. pieces. perfectly joined.

The accuracy was amazing and the most incredible thing of all?  It was completely hand quilted in the ditch, but you only know this if you look at the back.

You can close your mouths now.  Shake your shoulder, take a deep breath and the feeling of inadequacy and failure will fade eventually.  We're all human after all… although it seems that some more than most…

On to the rest then.  What follows is just a small sample of what I liked and what caught my eye on the day.  In this post I'll show you the more 'traditional' quilts.

The 'best in show' in this category went to this one

Best in show trad.

In my humble opinion the border was the nicest part

Best in show trad 2

folksy, eh?

Traditional 1

very dear-janeish, I thought.

Traditional 2

I liked this Hawaiian quilt… makes me think of holidays.  Even thought I've never been to Hawaii.

Traditional 3

I would probably never make one of these, but they held a child-like fascination for me

Traditional 4

hexagons; I'm developing an obsession, you'll see.

Traditional 6

modern hamish?

Traditional 7

lots of borders, I like that.

Traditional 9

more hexagons… get used to it..

Traditional 10

and these were quilted with round circles making them look like flowers and completely erasing the shape of the hexagons.  Mmmm, they jury is out on this one.

Traditional 11

Brown.  I was very into brown today too.  Who knows why.

Traditional 15

yes, our 6-sided friends again – must be the trend these days – this time interestingly fussy-cutted

Traditional 16

see? clever and simple and the same time?  or is it too clever, over-thought out?

 Well typepad won't let me upload any more photos to this post, so I guess you've been saved the last two of the day.

Till next time…




15 thoughts on “Birmingham Festival of Quilts – part 1

  1. yeah it is all clever, but I have to say as i was quickly scrolling down through the images, I scrolled down to your post below, and in all honestly stopped on yours. I like it the best!
    Rustic, simple and beautiful.

  2. Yay! Love the photos & thanks for sharing them! I think my favorite is the modern hamish, I’m not sure why; I just really like looking at it. I agree, the border in the Best of Show – Traditional is charming and fits perfectly!
    I love the second hexagon quilt with the flower quilting…Very Monet-ish.
    It looks to me as if the creator of that last fussy hexagon quilt was maybe trying to make the groupings look like pinwheels. You know, the ones that you blow to make them spin and then they poke your eye out? That’s what they look like to me anyway!

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos. I’ve never been to this show. I bet you purchased a few bits for your stash while you were there. Did you see Kaffe Fassett?

  4. Delicios eye candy. I am always terrified by the Japanese quilts at festivals – so many tiny pieces. I love appliqued quilts like the Hawaiian quilt but they are all so beautiful and a tribute to the dedication of the crafters who create them.

  5. Thank you for sharing your quilt show! The one that looks Dear Jane-ish is a Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, isn’t it? I love it! I am working on that quilt now! and so excited about seeing another one…thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing all these great photos….I found your blog thru comments on the Flickr photo of Ingrid Press’s quilt. You know what I do when I’m too cheap to buy the catalog: after each quilt photo, I take a closeup photo of the tag w/the quilter’s info. Aaah, the joy of digital photography and lots of memory!

  7. Hi!
    Julie K is right – the dear-janeish quilt is a Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler – and it’s mine :o) So happy you enjoyed my quilt!!! and thank you so much for sharing your pictures, as unfortunately I was unable to attend the show.
    Best quilty wishes

  8. Oh wow!
    I’m so sorry I didn’ credit you… if you give me your full name I’ll add it to the post, I promise.Ā  And I’ll write the name of the quilt too.
    It was beautiful, and so detailed.Ā  It must have taken months/years to do it…
    Thank you for contacting me,

  9. Hi, Monica!
    I just saw you had commented on the comment I left on your blog. No need to feel sorry about not crediting me – I just feel so flattered you posted a picture of my quilt! And there is no need for you to change your post. I just wanted to say thank you and I’m so happy you like it! If you want to read about it you can find some info here: (and lots more if you click on the label “SBS”)
    Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

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