Birmingham Festival of Quilts – part 3

   oh yes, there's more.

The quilts I'm going to show you today were part of special exhibition.  Made by 'professional' as No 2 would say – his favourite to describe high level of proficiency and skills in any field whatsoever.

Right here are the 'professional' quilts then:

first up is Chiunghie Lee

Chunghie lee

Chunghie lee 2

Chunghie lee 3

Ingrid Press

Art quilt 40

Ingrid Press 1

Ingrid Press 2

Ingrid Press 3

Janice Gunner

Art quilt 37

Art quilt 38

And my completely absolutely totally undisputably favourite the amazing Yoshiko Jinzenji.

I had a brief chat with her and she's so nice and helpful and encouraging.  Taking on of her workshops would be simply amazing.  The photos do not do justice to the beauty of her work.

Yoshiko 1

Yoshiko 2

Yoshiko 4

Yoshiko 5

Yoshiko 6

Yoshiko 7

Yoshiko 9

Yoshiko 10

Yoshiko 12

Yoshiko 14

Yoshiko 13

Amazing.  And nothing was 'appliqued'.  Just an inspired use of fabrics and patterns.



10 thoughts on “Birmingham Festival of Quilts – part 3

  1. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing – Again! I swear, next year I’m going to Paducah for their quilt show…I’ve been saying for the last three years I’m going, it’s time to actually make it happen!
    You know, I love the muted tones of the off white works, that just have a bit of color sprinkled. It could be because of the quilt I’m working on now, SO much color there! But they make it look so easy, and I think that’s my favorite challenge of all crafting, to make something look effortless when you’ve sweat many nights over it!
    Thanks again, (sorry so long!)

  2. Thanks for such an interesting series of posts. It is a while since I have been to a quilt exhibition and this has really whetted my appetite. I can see why you love the Yoshiko Jinzenji quilts and I agree that they are wonderful but I find myself drawn to the Ingrid Press ones that you have shown. Aspirational quilting!

  3. Brilliant Monika. I forgot to take my camera to the show and you seem to have taken all the photos I wanted. I bought the poster from Chiungie Lee and the book of the japanese quilts!

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