* 72 * ** Georgia 3 – F to M **

Back home now.  Totally jet-lagged and confused.

Where was I… oh yes,

F is for Flea market.



and full of interesting and crazy things


I did buy a few things… another photo for another post!

F is for Flying Biscuit Cafe (Atlanta)


where we had our first breakfast.  Delicious.

F is also for Fried Green Tomatoes

oh, yes, 'those' fried green tomatoes


eaten at the '' Whistle Stop Cafe. Delicious (again). 


Although the story takes place in Alabama, the movie was filmed in Juliette, Georgia. And here's a real train going by… with a very loud whistle!


G is for grits


(the white stuff that looks like mashed potatoes).  I liked them, and yes, we did other things other than eating… but not many, and my now-tight jeans can confirm that!!

G is for Gallery Cafe (Savannah)


a lovely coffee shop full of art students.

H is for High Art Museum (Atlanta)


a brilliant place.  We had little time so we spent all of it in the wing of American modern art… and it was definitively the right choice


I is for Iced Tea



J is for jogging in Forsyth Park (Savannah)


early morning affair (to morally justify to myself all the food I was about to eat in the course of the day)… I felt like one of the locals.

K is for King (Martin Luther King Jr to be exact)

a very moving place dedicated to an amazing man


his grave, and the house where he was born.


and his church too


He was only 39 when he was killed and yet he'd already helped changing the world.  I'm 40 in two weeks… kind of makes you think about stuff.

L is for lighthouse (Tybee Island)


At one point it was the highest structure in the US.  175 steps to the top.  Amazing views and jelly knees (I don't like heights very much, I'm more of a down to earth kind of person).  The cutest light keeper's cottage ever (for another post).

M is for Mustang


Mr M was 'car renter' in chief.  I was only a mere driver.  It was great although in the scorching heat we were the only ones with the roof down.  My burnt upper arms after the first day explained us why.  Doh.

M is also for Mercer House


The amazing house at the centre of the book 'Midnight in the garden of good and evil' and of the movie of the same title.  Beautiful place, we toured it but weren't allowed to take photos… definitively worth it. It was just like being on set, incredibly atmospheric place.

And this concludes the second instalment… back tomorrow? same place?


8 thoughts on “* 72 * ** Georgia 3 – F to M **

  1. What? Unsweetened tea in Georgia? I didn’t know it existed!:) And isn’t southern food just so good? It’s fun hearing about this trip!

  2. Shrimp and grits and greens…one of my favorite meals!
    Seeing all your photos makes me appreciate this part of the country even more. But I’m sure you’re happy to be back home, too!

  3. Hi Monica …Loving the trip šŸ™‚ The coffee shop looks great, just the sort of place to chill out in .. šŸ™‚

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