* 97 * ** Birmingham Festival of Quilts 2010 – part 1 **

As I mentioned yesterday last Sunday (although it actually feels more like last year) Ali and I had a visual feast at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts.

To me it seems the focus of this show, as opposed to what I've seen of the Houston and Tokyo shows, is more on 'art-quilts'  than the more traditional kind… and my photos reflect this.

I'm not sure because I didn't buy the show guide, but the theme must have been something around 'summer in the city'… a lot of quilts had that theme

The Guild winner:


printed/dyed/distressed fabric, very simply quilted.  I wasn't too keen when I saw it, but looking at the photo now I'm impressed with the sense of depth and layers it has.  What do you think?

More 'cityscapes':











and my favourite:



Here's some of the rest:






and another favorite of mine











ok… that's it for today… more next time.


10 thoughts on “* 97 * ** Birmingham Festival of Quilts 2010 – part 1 **

  1. These quilts are so beautiful!!! What amazing talent! Thank you for sharing with those of us who live too many thousand miles away to be able to experience them for ourselves.

  2. OMG!! Those quilts are amazing!! I am in LOVE with the b/w one w/the red dot in the center, the one right below that, and that last one…the one that looks like a reflection on a lake…WOW!!!
    Truly some amazing works of art!

  3. I think sometimes the more unusual or unique artwork is chosen. I’m sure the technique is beautiful and I agree about the depth but there are others that I find more pleasing to the eye, particularly the last one you posted a picture of…

  4. Drooooooooool! What talent! Although I always prefer the more traditional quilts to the fancy artwork ones. I appreciate the incredible amount of work that must go into them though!

  5. I thought the overall winner was incomparably dull. What were the judges thinking ?There were many other fantastic quilts that were well executed and much more interesting.

  6. AS I think I read in Selvedge, if we’re going to make and call quilts ‘art quilts’ then we really ought to be opening up critical debate. To my eye not many of these quilts qualify as ‘Art’ (with a capital ‘A’!). It may sound elitist, but I think that a quilter calling their work this has to be rigorous in so many ways that these works just are not. It’s difficult to see what they comment on, whether that’s contemporary life, history of quilting, or whatever that might be. If these are Art,then they don’t seem to aspire much beyond GCSE or A level in terms of content (I’m not talking about skill level at all). In the pictures here, I agree with Monica, the brown/orange/black log-cabiney one is my favourite!

  7. i must admit i LOVE that winning quilt – minimalist but intriguing depth. i’m so curious about their techniques. wow.
    and i also love the raw edge image you took about half way down. i so enjoy a raw edge. 😉

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